Become a Referee!

All you need to do to get started is sign up to one of the many Referee Training Courses taking place across the country. This introductory one day course instructs you in the basic laws with video clips of recent matches and outdoor practical drills, with the course concluding with an exam on the laws of the game. Applying for a course is simple, just follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Register for a Course

Choose and register for the nearest referee course by clicking here. If there are no current courses listed for Texas, please sign up using our interest form. Once we have enough individuals signed up, we will send you the course info. Are you interested in hosting a referee course?

Not quite ready to take the Level 1 certification? Consider taking the Level 150 introductory course, sign up here.

Step 2 – CIPP

  • To receive match appointments you must CIPP with USA Rugby. Make sure you CIPP under Texas Rugby Referee Association here.
  • Dual CIPP – If you are a current player, coach or contact with your team you will need to Dual CIPP with USA Rugby.

Step 3 – I’ve completed my course, what do I do now?

Once you’ve completed the course you are invited to join your local Match Officials Society. This is an important part of your support and development and ensures that you get the best start. Texas is split into three regions, Dallas (North), Austin (Central) and Houston (South). To contact your regional scheduler, go here.

Step 4 – Resources Tab

Familiarize yourself with this entire website. There is ready available information on how to submit Match Reports, Tournament Worksheets, Match Policies, Facebook Groups etc.

Step 5 – Maintain Good Form

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