Referees – how to setup Google Calendar

For the 2009 Fall season we will be using the Google Calendar integrated into the TRU Website.

Availability requests will be mailed out at least one month in advance and will show up in your email or Google Calendar.  Don’t have Google calendar, click below for a quick tutorial of how to get it.
How to set up Google Calendar – Video

Please respond to the availability request in a timely manner.  If no response is received, you will receive future emails reminding you and requesting that you update your availability.

How to respond to Availability and Match Requests – Video

Match Assignments will be made based on the positive response to the availability requests.
Match assignments will also come through as “Meeting Requests” through Google Calendar and you will respond “Yes” or “No” in order to confirm the match with the assignors.

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Varnell at gvarnell[at]