Match Protocol – All Matches (friendly and league)

Match Protocol – Texas Rugby Referee Match Confirmation Protocol

Preseason, Friendly’s and League Matches:

1. Turn in the schedule for all matches to your divisional secretary and the Local Referee Organization.
2. Check the TRU web site for the master schedule to assure that all your games are entered appropriately
3. Matches should show the referee for matches at least 21 days ahead at all times when possible. You may request assistant referees, at the clubs expense, by contacting the referee scheduler(s) in your area

Match week:
1. Monday: E-mail and/or call the referee for your next match using the list on the web site under “Referee Corner”. If there is an out of town or exchange ref, call your Local Referee Scheduler (“contact us”) for contact info. If a referee has not been scheduled as of yet, immediately contact the referee scheduler in your area. Provide the referee with the cell number of a club officer who can be contacted in the event of an unforeseen delay, weather issues, etc.
2. If you have had no response from the referee (Referee Corner / Referee List) by Wednesday evening, call your referee scheduler (contact details on TRU Website under Referee Corner / Contact Us)
3. If your referee is coming in by plane, please arrange to pick him/her up if and help with any other arrangements as needed
4. Thursday: E-mail your roster with CIPP #’s to the Referee and Your Opposition or follow alternate procedures on the TRU web site
5. Please be sure to have a map to your field available on the web site and/or send one to the referee if required

Game Day:
1. Pick up referee if required
2. Have front row waiver forms signed and present to the referee and CIPP roster with all players clearly marked
3. Have a pre-match conversation with the referee and show him/her changing and restroom facilities
4. Make the referee aware of any special home pitch conditions or venue rules
5. Confirm scores and discipline issues with referee and the other team’s coach before the referee leaves the stadium/field
6. Assist the referee in getting to the airport if required
7. Invite the referee to the social