Updated policy on Field Barriers and Safety Protocols


As of January 1, 2010, any and all TRU Rugby Matches, TYRA included, MUST HAVE:

• Field barriers, 5 meters or more, from the touch line on BOTH sides of the playing enclosure.
• Additionally, both Clubs game day personnel (reserves, coaches and trainers) shall be placed on the opposite side of the field from the traditional spectator/stands side for the particular field being used.
• Fans and non essential team personnel should be directed to remain on the Spectator sideline.
• The clubs shall be divided and directed to remain on their respective side of the 50m line and remain between the 50m and their respective 22m line. No personnel from either team should be between the 22m and dead ball line.
• If the opposite side of the spectator sideline is not available, or an unforeseen situation should arise, a technical zone shall be established within the established guidelines detailed herein.
• Should a Club have a specific question as it relates to their home pitch and their ability to comply with the TRU’s policies; the Club can discuss and determine proper field protocols with the TRU Director of Competitions.

This policy was tested in the 2008-09 competitive cycle at various venues, divisions and tournaments with positive results. It has been found that close proximity of the spectators to the reserves/coaches fosters problems beyond safety. Separating the spectators from the coach(es) and reserves allows the spectators to enjoy the match without the input from the participants. Additionally, it allows the Match Official (Referee) to keep better control of the sidelines.

The only person allowed inside the ropes are: One (1) Coach & One (1) Trainer/Medical Personnel. All others must remain behind the ropes.

Remember there are fairly strict rules regarding who can and cannot be on the field of play. Coaches are NOT permitted to enter the playing area during a match except by invitation of the referee at half time, or other extraordinary occasions. [Ref: law 6C.2, 3}. This policy applies to all matches, including youth matches.

Water carriers and medical personnel may enter the playing area by prior arrangement, or at the specific invitation of the referee. Referees are urged to be vigilant in applying this law to coaches masquerading as water carriers or trainers or to coaches entering the playing area uninvited at stoppages for injury, conversion kicks, and the like, and to enlist the aid of the relevant captain in curbing such infringements. Penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct may be applied.

All personnel properly within the playing enclosure must stay close to the perimeter rope unless performing their authorized function. They are not to approach or remain in close proximity to the touchline thus distracting or endangering the touch judge in the execution of his or her duties.

As detailed herin, a well defined “technical zone” is to be used when a non spectator sideline is not available. The technical zone should be well defined and be of equal size and of corresponding proximity for both teams.

This requirement is recommended for the remainder of the 2009 competitive season, it will mandatory beginning January 1, 2010 and Match Officials (Referee) will have authority, at his sole discretion, to post-pone the match if the field is not properly roped, marked or prepared for play in compliance with TRU requirements. Referee match reports will be the primary method utilized to monitor compliance.

The existing requirements to have Goal Post Pads, Field Flags and properly marked fields shall continue to be in effect and failure to meet these will also have the same penalties imposed.

Failure to meet the minimum required policies will be tracked on a rolling twelve (12) month basis and are set forth below, with the following sanctions:

• First Offense: $50 fine
• Second Offense $100 fine and loss of One (1) League Point as applicable
• Third Offense: $150 fine, loss of One (1) League Point and loss of next home match as applicable
• Fourth Offense: To be reviewed by TRU Discipline Director

The following procedures should be followed on game day and/or in the case of a citing:

• Both coaches should review the assigned team areas at least 30 minutes prior to kick off.
• If both coaches cannot agree to a suitable resolution, the respective coaches, must notify the referee before kickoff. Coaches can NOT agree to waive the stated policy requirements by mutual consent.
• Primary reporting of the Field Barrier Policy shall continue to be made via Referee Match Reports which should be submitted with 48 hours of the match or as is reasonable.
• The TRU will review all match reports and notify the respective clubs within 48 hours or as is reasonable.
• Appeals shall be submitted to the TRU Discipline Director within 48 hours of notification or as is reasonable.
• Fines shall be due and payable within 10 business days of notification by the TRU.

Posted, December 14, 2009