General Memo to All Clubs regarding Eligibility Procedures

All –

The new Operating Procedures have been posted to the website and are in immediate effect. I have rec’d a few phone calls and emails about best practices Please note the following bullet points and comments.

* Clubs have been required to have Eligibility Binders for several years. The historical enforcement on game day has been poor at best and has largely been a “gentlemens agreement” not to do a proper cross check.

* The “gentlemen’s agreement” can no longer be waived by TRU policy. Binder exchanges are expected at all League and Social matches that a TRRA referee has been assigned.

* TRRA Referee’s are not involved in the Binder checking process. If a club has a pre-match protest, they can notify the referee. This does NOT mean the match is cancelled. Games will be played under “protest”. The only acceptable reason not to play a match would be for player safety reasons. This is the only “ruling” that the referee will make outside their normal match day procedures.

* Typically both teams arrive an hour prior to KO. It is best that the two designated Manager/Bookkeepers will meet of to the side and go through each others binder. In it should be a current USA CIPP roster or CMS printout for leagues using the CMS (Mens D1, D2, D3 and Collegiate D1 Men). Additionally, there will be photo ID’s and proper proof of citizenship. It is recommended that the order of the book match the CIPP roster for ease of matching or in number order to match CMS roster.

* The two managers will either note that the Binders are in order or there is missing information that would cause the came to be played under protest with Union follow up to be done via Divisional Secretary’s and Union as is applicable.

* At this time the match day 23 for Team A can be inspected by Manager B. If all the paperwork is properly in the binders, the players need not bring anything with them and only need to be visually verified by what is in the Binder (photo id / proof citizenship). This should take less than two minutes to look at 23 faces. Team B will then be inspected by Manager A with the same process and should also take less than two minutes.

* This process should probably be done 20-30 mins prior to KO. If done as noted below there will be minimal disruption to either’s team pregame routine.

* The key to this process is (a) preperation and (b) cooperation. If both teams do the required diligence during the week, there will be little to no game day disruption.

* If you do not know what a proper binder would look like and be comprised of please contact either Myself or your Division Manager.

David McPhail