Compliance Reminder to all TRU Clubs and all Levels

Now that the Spring season is officially upon us and most every division is gearing up for their respective Leagues, I would like to remind all teams to be mindful of the various TRU Policies & Procedures posted on the TRU Website. For most clubs that also means that they must be aware of any additional requirement that the West and/or USA may have on your Clubs respective competition. I bring special attention to the requirement for all teams to play ONLY properly registered CIPP individuals.

Furthermore, all teams have been advised via their Divisional Secretaties and postings to the Union website of the TRU’s requirements, Operating Policies, Field Preperation Requirements, Disciplinary Policies, Participation Agreement & Referee Confirmation procedures, etc.

One important part of these agreements requires all teams to have properly completed and organized Eligibilit Binders. This is critical in establishing player eligibility, front rows and eligible substitutions as well as rosters for teams playing in multiple league matches. These requirements can NOT be waived by either team or by mutual consent.

The best way to check your opponenets Eligibity Binders, in my opinion, is to have two (one from each) team reps meet with their binders first. Let them review the others book and ask questions of paperwork. Once
that is done, call the listed players (up to 23) over and have them walk up based on book order (via number or alphabetic). Photo ID’s should be matched with the persons face. This should take less than 5 minutes in total.

Again, it is the Club, its Coaches and Administrators responsibility to know and adhere to all of the requirements detailed on the website.

Regards and best of luck this Season!

Texas Rugby Union