Player Movement / Multiple Divisional Play / UPDATED

*** Update ***

Per my discussions with Alan Sharpley (USA Competitions) we are placing the policy on hold pending a ruling from the USA Eligibility Committee. Alan believes that an official ruling on player movement will be forthcoming from the National Office in the next 10 (or so days). Therefore, we will continue the policy of playing for ONE and ONLY ONE side in a League match in a given weekend.



As follow up to the TRU Summer Meeting, an Ad Hoc Committee was formed to review all policies (TRU, West and USA) governing player movement.

The Ad Hoc Committee was comprised of the following:

Ted Hill – Chair and former TRU Mens Rep.
Bret Babineaux – current TRU Mens Rep.
Alan Sharpley – former TRU Director of Competitions
Anna Kunkle – U23 Womens Rep.
Ron Watson – Appointee
Doug Corrigan – Appointee

Scot Courtney – Ex Officio & Non Voting / Discipline Director
David McPhail – Ex Officio & Non Voting / President

The group weighed the needs of both Upper and Lower Division Clubs level versus the ability to report, track and comply with game day proceedures on a weekly basis during the course of a season.

A proposal and vote was made by the members of the Committe, with results accepted and endorsed by the Union.

Two Main Principles shall prevail for this upcoming season:

1. Teams, especially those who are of higher divisions and fielding multiple sides in multiple league competitions; shall strive to maintain the integrity of the competition and the spirit of the game. Thus, at all times the team of priority shall be the higher divisional squad shall be the focus of each Club.

Player movement downward shall primarily be for developmental purposes and the building of team depth, skill and retention. At no times shall a team “willfully or purposefully” stack a lower division side at the expense of the higher division side.

2. The Roster Changes: Players can play up at any time. Players on a higher league roster can play down; only if they did not take the pitch in the earlier match. If a player in D1 or D2 is on a roster and even plays just 5 minutes, then he or she is not eligible for the D3 match but could play up in the D1 or D3 match. Thus it is imperitive that the teams be mindful of the order matches are played, especially when team competing in multiple divisions is playing in two divisional competitions on the same day and same venue.

Further changes will be addressed at Winter Meeting for next years competition.

Any questions can be directed to your Divisional Representative or Mens Electoral Representative for further clarificaiton.


David McPhail
Texas Rugby Union