Retractable Sideline Ropes – Please Read

The TRU Board of Directors had a competitions meeting recently and one of the items that came from this was a discussion and policy change as it relates to Field Barriers / Sideline Policy.

The policy has been in place for two season now and it has been deemed that ALL TEAMS (Rugby Texas, SWC, TRU Collegiate and all Senior levels) have had adequate time to find suitable barriers and to have them installed for all league matches with it being strongly recommended for friendlies and Tournaments.  We know that each club has their own unique situations with respect to field / stadium preparation.  However, there has been ample time for compliance and excuses will no longer be accepted.

The fine for failure to have adequate ropes, per published policy has now been raised to $500 per occurrence.

The first fine will be used by the TRU to purchase and ship the Rope / Sideline System (or similar product) detailed below to the offending Club, subsequent fines will continue until such time that the offending clubs can fully require with this two year old policy.  This includes proper field flags (grass or turf venues) that are also required by policy.

TRU Board of Directors


Costs $159.00 PER SIDELINE:

The QuickWinder QuickBee Safety Series is Yellow and Black for Greater Visibility and added Safety.

CORNER FLAGS with INDOOR BASE: The plastic pole measures 60″H x 1″ OD, which slides easily and quickly into the dome base and comes with the high visibility red flag with white border which is the choice for all colleges and universities. The base can be filled with sand if the extra weight is required.

Measurements: Post 60″H x 1/2″ OD – Flag 13″ x 13″

Suggested Manufacturers Retail Price: $125