TRU Matches – Rainy Forecast for this weekend

It looks to be another rainy weekend in Texas and this means that games could be cancelled, moved etc. There are many parties involved in TRU games, so please make sure everyone knows if something changes.

  1. We recommend you contact the assigned referee PRIOR to the match and ASAP if there are any changes or cancellations. Review your assigned referee via the TRU Calendar on the TRU website. Click your match and then click More Details.
  2. **CANCELLATIONS or TIME/LOCATION changes only, please contact Wendy Young (TRU Admin)  so I can update the TRU Calendar.
  3. Please also confirm that your Club Contact information is accurate on the TRU website. Access your Divisions contacts and then update the google document, it is editable for everyone.
  1. We recommend you contact the HOME team of your match this weekend to make sure there are no changes etc.
We appreciate everyone’s attention to this email.
NOTE: If you do not have a match scheduled for this weekend, please skip below to review the Standard TRU Match Policies to ensure that your team is in accordance with the recommended guidelines.
Thank you,
TRU Admin
TRU Match Policies:
  • Match Requirements (Pre, Week of and Post Match)
    • Schedule Confirmation (Pre)
      • Once your Division schedule has been loaded into the TRU Calendar, please confirm that the game is correct including the HOME vs AWAY and the location matches the HOME team. Also note that the location MUST be an exact pitch address.
    • Referee Confirmation (Week of)
      • Monday – Contact referee for your match using the contact information on the Referee List. If a referee has not been scheduled, immediately contact the referee scheduler in your area.
      • Wednesday  – If you have received no response from the referee (Referee List) by Wednesday evening, call your Referee Scheduler.
    • Match Day
    • CMS (Competitions Management System)
      • Divisions that are using the USA Rugby Competition Management System must input their match results within 72 hours after the match.
    • Referee Assessments (Post)
      • It is now a requirement from the TRU that a Referee Assessment is completed by the coaches (required) and captains (optional) of each team within one week of a Cup/League match. More details.
  • Club Contact Information
    • Clubs are required to keep their contact information up to date PRIOR to the start of each competitive season.