Announcing the TRRA Referee Coaches

The Referee Advancement & Training Organization (RATO) is proud to announce our newest group of Referee Coaches:

Andrew Brooks, Central
Chris Bugge, Central
Jim Driggs, Central
Meg Pace, Central
Filip Keuppens, Central
Pierre Levin, Central
Sam Reagle, Central
Jim Reed, Central
Traci Schmidtke, Central
Greg Varnell, Central
Tony Waltz, Central
Randy Campbell, North
Jonathan Savage, North
John Shafto, North
Ron Weatherill, North
Guy McCord, North
Chris Callan, South
Gary O’Bannon, South
Bernie Price, South
Jim Wolfinger, South
Dan O’Donnell, South

RATO is working with Referee Coach Lead Sam Reagle to assign Referee Coaches and Peer Mentors to every referee in the TRRA. We are confident that this step will continue to help push our referees to be the best they can be. If you are interested in becoming a Referee Coach please contact Sam Reagle. We will also be hosting a Coaching Match Officials (CMO) soon to help certify any and all coaches in Texas. Thank you!

View the official list of Referee Coaches here.