TRRA Promotions Spring 2013

TRRA & TRU Members,

On behalf of the TRRA and the Referee Advancement & Training Organization (RATO), it is my pleasure to announce the first round of referee promotions for 2013. Thanks to the online assessments completed by TRU coaches and captains, we were able to provide valuable feedback to our referees. Nearly 150 reports were completed by TRU teams. In addition, we had numerous Certified Referee Coaches complete on site reports for referees. Teams also shared game film with referees, which we hope will continue in the future. TRRA thanks everyone for their commitment to improving the game of rugby. Please join us in recognizing the hard work of the following referees who have been promoted:

C4 to C3:
Stephen Boeding
Walker Cagle
Vaughn Crowe
Murray Hunkin
Calvin Messias
Dan O’Donnell Sr.
Dan O’Donnell Jr.
Timmy O’Gara
Steven Riddough
Liz Rutherford
John Scheef

C3 to C2:
Craig Coates
Theo Van Wyk

RATO is excited to add a new referee to the highest local ranking of C1. Shawn “Bean” Martin from the North Region has been working the past two years to improve his referee skills in order to reach the next level. His dedication to his fitness and rugby knowledge earned him a trip to the Battleship Tournament this past fall where he received glowing reports. He continued his hard work in the Spring working with referee coaches and mentors to reach his goals. Please join me in congratulating Shawn. We look forward to his future growth and success as he moves to the next level of refereeing.

C2 to C1:
Shawn “Bean” Martin

RATO also hosted a Level 1 certification in Beaumont in May. A special thank you to Lamar University for hosting. Please welcome the newest additions to the TRRA team:

Newly Certified:
Victor Cano
James Collum
Patrick Dwyer
Donnie Hennop
Spencer Pobanz
Paul Rizk
Abraham Salazar
Ozgur Taner
Jerry Wall
David Williamson

RATO would also like to welcome a couple of new referees to TRRA. These referees are new to Texas, but are not new to the whistle. Please join us in welcoming the newest members of the TRRA team:

Central Region:
Keith Dick (C1) from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Rebekah Aderman (C3) from Denver, Colorado

TRRA is excited to have so many referees working towards the next level. We appreciate everyone’s dedication and hard work to themselves and to the success of the TRRA. Please join us in congratulating all the referees.Thank you for your hard work and dedication to improving the Texas Rugby Union.

Traci Schmidtke Young
TRRA Vice-Chairman