This Weekend’s Games / Weather Cancellations


Texas Rugby Referee Association

It is the recommendation of the TRU Executive Committee and the TRRA that all matches be cancelled this weekend where there is a material weather risk.

This is particularly true for all matches (1) North of Waco (2) Matches in the DFW region and (3) any teams traveling OUT OF or INTO to the DFW region for matches.

Weather Risks include: Road Icing, Field Icing, Frozen Rain or Sleet, Power Outages and Hypothermia (player, coach, ref or spectators)

The current forecast for Dallas is a High temperature of less than 32 on both FRI and SAT. The forecast includes 100% chance of moisture on Friday. Thereby the moisture received on Friday will be a factor on Saturday as the temperatures are not forecasted to be above 30 as noted below.

Thursday Night Low: 26 with AM Ice
Friday High 30 / Low 18 with Freezing Rain
Saturday High 30 / Low 18 with Light Freezing Rain

The Austin and Houston regions are both anticipated to have wet weather over the weekend with both regions having High temperatures in the 30’s. While the temps may not reach or stay below freezing for a long period of time the TRU cautions all teams against travelling and player safety (hypothermia).

As always the Home team should be in regular contact with the Visiting team, the TRU Admin and the Referee to confirm match cancellations and reschedule dates.

If there is any concerns, questions or disagreement between the parties (home, away & ref) regarding the playing of the match please contact David McPhail or Ron Watson directly for final resolution.


Texas Rugby Union and Texas Rugby Referee Association