Reminder on Scrum Cadence for 7s – NO “YES 9” or TAP

trra_logoJust a quick reminder as the sevens season has kicked off! For 7s the referee will not use “Yes 9”, Non-verbal tap, thumbs up or any variation.

Call CROUCH-BIND-SET. Sevens Referees will make sure that scrums are straight and square before calling “CROUCH”, then call “BIND”. The Referee will then make sure all 4 props have proper binds on their opposite numbers (up high on the back or arm), before calling “SET” (invitation to engage). All put ins by the scrum half must be straight down the middle.

We will not be calling “Yes 9″, “Yes 4″, or anything else to the scrum half. Sevens scrums by nature, are quick restarts and should proceed without delay. We do not want to slow down the game of Sevens, but will ensure a fair contest for possession (check for proper binds, straight put in).

This notice was originally posted 9/11/13, review here.

We’d also recommend to all referees, players, coaches and fans review the 7s IRB Law Variations each season.