World Rugby Law Clarifications 2014 – 7, 8 and 9

Dear Regional and Local Referee Leaders,

Three Clarifications are attached:

# 7 addresses a player at the back of a scrum picking up the ball with their feet and “bunny hopping” – ILLEGAL.

# 8 addresses a drop out that goes all the way to the opponent’s in-goal area and asks if there are Variations in 7s similar to those for the kickoff – NO THERE ARE NOT.

# 9 asks about an attempted drop goal after a scrum that was chosen in lieu of a free kick (and then goes through the in-goal area) – TREAT AS A KICK IN GENERAL PLAY AND OFFER OPTIONS

There is really nothing surprising in any of them, but please circulate to the societies and referees in your area, as well as the Unions, conferences and teams.

All the best,

Peter Watson
Chair, Law Committee