Spring Beep Test

The fall beep test was to give you an idea of where you are in fitness. The Spring test weighs heavily on assignments and promotions.

Spring tests must be completed by 31 Jan. The following referees are the only authorized testers in Texas:

North – Randy Campbell
Central – Wendy Young, Sam Reagle, Scott Green
South – Jim Wolfinger

Here are current TRRA standards:
C1 – Level 9*** C2 – Level 8 C3 – Level 7
***New this year, to ref a D1 men’s match, you must be at a level 11 on beep.

Current National Standards:
Elite and NP referees need to run a 12.0 or higher, but 13.0 or higher is preferred.
B Panels and C1’s need to run a 11.0 or higher, but 12.0 or higher is preferred.
C2’s and C3’s need to run a 10.0 or higher, but 11.0 is preferred.

Have fun and good luck!!

Download the beep test audio.