2019-2020 TRRA Membership

The 2019-2020 Membership Cycle is in full swing! In order to be eligible for assignments from the TRRA, you must complete the following items:

Make sure you select ‘Texas Rugby Referee Association’. CIPPing with us includes a charge that covers your yearly dues.

2. Update Availability in Who’s The Ref

For more information on how to update your availability – check out the page on the TRRA website here!

3. Sign the Code of Conduct

Make sure you read and agree to all parts of the TRRA Code of Conduct. Once you have signed this, you may send it to admin@texasrugbyref.com

4. Stock up on Kit

Make sure you’re looking fresh for the new season with BLK TRRA Kit. If this is your first season with us, contact admin@texasrugbyref.com to get sorted with your new kit.

5. Take the Law Exam

Make sure your rugby mind is turned on and test yourself with the newest Law Exam from the TRRA. Challenge yourself!