RATO (Referee Advancement & Training Organization)

RATO Mission:

Advance referees by skills training and review the maximum number of Texas referees in the shortest reasonable time frame and prepare those willing and able for further advancement.

  • Develop and maintain a short list and long list of potential territorial referees and work through exchanges and interactions with domestic and foreign sources to provide them with opportunities and intensive training.
  • Use film and technology to exponentially expand numbers of reviews.
  • Train more coaches and mentors (targets set by RATO)
  • Exclude no referee for age, sex or ethnicity from the opportunity to be reviewed and advanced
  • Develop a cadre of young referees
  • Train and develop a cadre of trained AR’s
  • Link training of referees and team coaches to promote best practices and advance the game here in Texas
  • Revise and refine mission statement and work with schedulers to execute plan.

RATO Staff