2016 TRRA Elections

A short note to announce that we have opened the floor to nominations for the 2016/17 Chairman and Vice Chairman positions. Nominations will be accepted until Midnight, Saturday, August 6th, 2016.

We will then open the floor to voting after the nomination window has closed.

Please send your nominations to Wendy at wyoung@texasrugbyunion.com.

If you have questions, please send Scott Green or me an email.

Many thanks,

Greg Varnell Promoted to B Panel

13151903_1145195178837462_3574610401267609484_nAfter discussions with USA Rugby Referee Leadership, it is a very distinct pleasure and true honor for the TRRA to announce that Greg Varnell has been promoted to B panel referee, effective immediately.

Greg has been an exceptional referee, coach and mentor for many years. His contributions to the TRRA, the TRU and USA Rugby are endless.

Let us be clear, Greg is not retiring or riding off into the sunset. We fully expect to see him in center for the top matches in Texas for many more years.

Please reach out to Greg and congratulate him on his promotion. It has been several years since we had someone earn this promotion in Texas.

Well done Sir!

More Spring Promotions!

It has been a great year so far. 15s only has 2 weeks left and then we move into 7s season. Please let Wendy know if you are interested in participating in any of the upcoming 7s tournaments throughout the state.

With out further ado, the following announcement will be posted on our social media outlets asap:

The Referee Advancement and Training Organization (RATO) of the Texas Rugby Referee Association is honored to announce the following promotions effective immediately:

To C1
Theo Van Wyk
Mark Hughen
Doug Corrigan

To C2
Kelly Hodge
Cole Jones
Shon Husband
Craig Geaslen

To C3
Kate Jewett-Williams
Robert Hays
Vincent Fellone
Travis Bartniski

Please congratulate these outstanding referees for their superior performance and dedication to striving for the next level. Our sincere thanks to every referee in the association. . Without you, the matches do not happen. More promotions coming in the near future.

Joey Swatzell Promoted to C1

10295753_1107605772596403_1923535747159273953_nOn behalf of the TRRA RATO, it is an honor and my distinct pleasure to announce the promotion of Joey Swatzell to the level of C1 referee.

Joey has worked very hard in all aspects and recently received 2 above grade evals and a strong recommendation from the USA referee National Selector.

Please join us in congratulating Joey on a job well done!!!

There are more promotion announcements forthcoming. Keep up the hard work and thank you for all you do!!!

TRRA Promotions Winter 2015

On behalf of the TRRA and the Referee Advancement & Training Organization (RATO), it is my pleasure to announce the final round of promotions for 2015.

TRRA would like to thank all the referees, mentors, coaches, and teams for their commitment to improving the game of rugby. Please join us in recognizing the hard work of the following referees who have been promoted:

C4 to C3

TRU Summit AR CourseRATO hosted a Level 1, Level 2 and Coaching of Match Officials referee certification courses in August 2015 in conjunction with the TRU Summit. Last year we held our largest course with 17 attendees. The course at the Summit had a record 19 attendees!

As always, participants from each course were able to work on their particular coursework with live teams at the Summit. This hands on experience was reported as the best part of the course. We saw a wide spectrum of rugby enthusiasts that all want to give back to the game by picking up the whistle. Please welcome the newest additions to the TRRA team:

Newly Certified:

Level 1
David Dodge
Meredith Frasier
Jacqueline Harrell
Michael Hong
Tim Howard
Cole Jones
Justin King
Kristopher Newman
Ozgur Bayazitoglu
George Batten
Kevin Buckley
Travis Cagle
Ryan Dusablon
David Hettena
Marcus McKee
Mickey Patterson
Gregory Stewart
Thomas Waghorne

Level 2
Travis Bartniski
Vaughn Crowe
John Hunter
Maurice Mullaly
Rod Puentes
Paul Purcell

CMO (Coaching of Match Officials)
Stan Cagle
William Campbell
Shawn Martin
David McPhail
Wendy Young

The TRRA is excited to have so many new referees, referee coaches and current referees working towards the next level. We appreciate everyone’s dedication and hard work to themselves and to the success of the TRRA.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to improving the Texas Rugby Union and the Texas Rugby Referee Association.

Butch Neuenschwander
TRRA Chairman