Resources and links for referees seeking exchanges in the Texas Rugby Referee Assocation

Referee Exchanges are handled by the Referee Advancement & Training Organization (RATO).  Inquiries regarding exchanges with the TRRA should be addressed to the RATO. This policy sets forth the TRRA’s guidelines for developmental exchanges, guest referees, and visiting referees.

developmental exchange

An agreement with another referee society whereby referees from each society will be hosted and evaluated.

  • Advance approval from the RATO, or its designee. For the TRRA, the designees are the Chair, Vice Chair, and Referee Development Officer.
  • A match assignment of an appropriate level
  • A written evaluation by the hosting society at an appropriate level
  • Airport pickup and delivery
  • Local transportation to and from matches
  • Billeting for out-of-state exchanges
  • Travel expenses for a Developmental Exchange are provided by the sending Referee society.

    The TRRA will endeavor to send at least four of its referees on a Developmental Exchange each rugby season. The TRRA will endeavor to: Provide a reciprocal Developmental Exchange within one year of the initial exchange Obtain a reciprocal Developmental Exchange within one year of the initial exchange.

  • Guest Referees

    The invitation by the TRRA will be extended only by the RATO or its designee when necessary to provide enough referees of a suitable level for the society’s matches. Any TRRA invitation will expressly state whether any expenses will be covered or whether any billeting will be provided. Ordinarily, no evaluation will be provided. The NCRRS may invite a guest referee to reciprocate for another society’s invitation to a TRRA member.


    someone who arrives without an express invitation from the local referee society seeking a match to referee.

    This category includes arrangements made by the referee on his own. Ordinarily, there is no obligation for the host society to cover any expenses or to provide any billeting. There is no expectation that the other society will reciprocate. The TRRA will only assign a visiting referee a match that would otherwise be uncovered unless a society referee is willing to give up a match. TRRA referees are encouraged, but not required, to notify the RATO or its designee of his/her plans to visit another society.

    Touch Judges for Referees With A Grade of C1 or Higher

    The TRRA will assign referee touch judges for incoming Developmental Exchange referees who have a grade of C1 or Higher. The TRRA expects hosting societies to provide referee touch judges for its C1 referees on Developmental Exchanges and directs the RATO to seek that commitment.

    TRRA Exchange Officer Duties

  • Maintain a roster of Developmental Exchanges, Guest Referees, and Visiting Referees.
  • Encourage societies participating in Developmental Exchanges to reciprocate on a regular basis.
  • Confirm all exchange arrangements with other society in writing.
  • Coordinate hosting arrangements for incoming referees on Developmental Exchanges or Guest Referees.
  • Provide a semi-annual report of exchange activity and expenditures Coordinate with the Scheduling Secretary the best dates for exchanges.

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