Update to Match Change Process

Please note that we have made an adjustment to the match change request. In the past you would contact your divisional rep and the TRU Admin. While this was effective, it unfortunately did create quite a bit of work as not all information was always available. To cut down on the back and forth, we’ve created an Add/Change/Drop Form.

With this form we can more effectively track changes to see patterns and be more efficient.

Changes within 14 days

Note that changes that are within 14 days of the event will incur a $50 fee. Every effort is made to assign referees weeks out and when teams make requests to add, change or drop a match this is a major inconvenience for all parties involved. If your match change request falls within 14 days, payment will need to be made FIRST and then the change will be processed.

Note that this fee will be applied to all teams that utilize the TRRA. Any attempts to circumvent this by alerting a referee of a match change but not using this form will be referred to the appropriate authority to determine if sanctions should be applied.

Add/Change/Drop Form