Resources and links for referee coaching and evaluations in the Texas Rugby Referee Association

The TRRA aims to provide referees with higher level referee mentors and certified referee Coaches. Referees will receive periodic coaching reports from these individuals; however, we highly encourage them to request completion of the a WTR Referee Assessment form by teams. 

Referee SELF-Assessments

Completed in the Advantage Referee Development System. The Referee reviews and collects important statistics to produce a overall performance picture. Reports are available to all TRRA members and CMO feedback can be requested by the referee.

Coaching Report

Completed by a Certified Referee Coach/CMO to provide positive feedback on a  referee’s performance. Reports  are submitted in WTR and feedback will be provided to referee. 


Completed by a Certified Referee Evaluator to promote a referee’s grade. Details are sent to TRRA and feedback will be provided to referee. Formal Evaluations are scheduled by TRRA when referees meet Referee Pathway/Standards and are ready for promotion of grade.

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