Information On Match Fee Reimbursement For Member Referees


  • Match Fee Reimbursement All TRRA assigned matches MUST be reported (except Tournaments) using the Who’s the Ref online Match Report. You will not receive match fees unless you submit your Match Report and any Disciplinary Forms.
  • All Match/Disciplinary Forms must be filed within 24 hours. Red Cards MUST be reported immediately following the match.  
  • The TRRA will make all payments via Zelle. Once you referee your first match, the TRRA treasurer will send a Zelle payment through to the email address listed in It is the responsibility of the referee to keep this email address updated.

Referee Coaching Reports/Evaluations

  • CMO Report Form – All TRRA assigned Coaching/Evaluation matches MUST be reported using the CMO Report Form in WTR.  

TRRA Game Reimbursement & Expenses Schedule

  • Referee reimbursements for the current month will be processed by the 15th of the following month.

Reimbursement Policies

  • All expenses must be received within 15 days to receive reimbursement.
  • Electronic or photocopies of all expenses must be received by Treasurer before reimbursement will be processed.
  • All airfare reimbursements will be processed during the week the approved airfare receipt is received.
  • The TRRA will make all reimbursements via Zelle online banking.
  • It is the referee’s responsibility to provide a correct and current email address in and accept the Zelle registration.

  Tournament Reimbursement Policy

  • The Referee Coordinator is responsible for completing the “Tournament Referee Worksheet” within 48 hours after completion of the event.
  • ALL airfare & hotel costs must be approved in advance, contact for approval.  
  • Airport parking at the lowest available rate is reimbursable ($ 15.00 maximum per day).
  • All mileage over 100 miles between home and tournament site and return is reimbursable at a rate of $0.35 per mile.
  • Meals/snacks/personal items and beverages of any kind are NOT reimbursable. Any expenses not specifically addressed above must be approved, contact before reimbursement.


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