Violations of CIPP registration policies

TRU Board & Member Clubs:

The USA competitive cycle ends each year on August 31. This has been the procedure for the last several years. Both the TRU and the WRU have both followed this CIPP cycle year end since inception.
In order to facilitate that CIPP registration process and ensure that Clubs, Coaches, Referees and Players have the adequate time to comply with USA regulations the registration window for the new cycle is opened two weeks prior (on or about 8/15) to the end of the current cycle.

This year, USA Rugby opened 2010-11 enrollment on August 13th. It was also on that same day that notice of open enrollment was posted to the TRU Website as is all normal news and informational items. Despite adequate notice there have been several teams that have not been able to (a) register their club or (b) register their players prior to taking the field in what were TRU approved matches.

The TRU policy is that all players, match officials and clubs be in good standing with the minimum guidelines as established by USA Rugby and any additional requirement that may be imposed by the WRU or TRU. The TRU has repeatedly told its member clubs that CIPP compliance for all is the minimum standard. Ignorance of the rules are not an acceptable excuse as these rules have been in place for several years and the TRU provided ample notice of the expectations.

Based on the matches played to date the following Clubs are hereby fined $50.00 and are put on probation for the upcoming season for failing to meet one or both of the requirements detailed above. I have only listed the violation and date for playing without enough registered players.

The $50.00 fine shall be suspended should there be no further infractions.

1. Fort Hood – less than 15 players (9/4)
2. Midland – less than 15 players (9/4
3. Austin Huns – less than 15 players (9/4)
4. Frisco Griffins – less than 15 players (9/4)
5. TRRA – assignment on non CIPP referee (9/11)
6. UTSA – less than 15 players (9/11)
7. St. Mary’s – less than 15 players (9/11)
8. Texas Tech Women – less than 15 players (9/11)
9. Baylor – less than 15 players (9/4)
10. TCU – less than 15 players (9/4)
11. Stephen F. Austin – less than 15 players (9/4)

*** There are numerous Collegiate Clubs that have participated but have not paid their USA Club dues. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that these payments are coming via the Rec Sports department and are in process via school administration. However, not having a minimum number of players cipp’d is not acceptable.

Any further violations by any TRU member club shall result in an automatic fine and further disciplinary action.

Club status is posted on the TRU website and is posted on the USA Rugby webpage (membership, compliance reports, LAU, Texas). Player status can be done via Member or Club searches. If any Club is uncertain about these reports or requirements, please consult your divisional secretary or TRU Board Representative.

Thank you in advance for taking care of these important registration and safety matters immediately.

David McPhail
President, TRU