RATO Introduces Referee Coaches/Mentor Program & Referee Crews (Beta)

trra_logoRATO is proud to announce that effective Oct 1st, we have rolled out the Referee Coaches & Mentor program (as mentioned at the TRRA AGM). This program was implemented so that referees could have a direct link to a Referee Coach or a Mentor. Having a Referee Coach or Mentor is invaluable and we expect a rapid progression with our referees this season and going forward.

Also, RATO has approved a beta test of Referee Crews this fall. The crews will work together in units to mentor, learn and progress. Each crew has a C1 lead with promising referees of different levels working as a team undertaking matches together as Center and Assistant Referees.

If there are any questions or concerns about the Mentor/Coach or Crews, please contact Randy Campbell.