Reminders for upcoming season!

A few reminders as we are moving into the Fall season!

CIPP – It’s time to recipp! Get it done! Make sure to CIPP under Texas Rugby Referee Association. If you need a dual role, use the Multiple Roles Form. Once completed, USA Rugby will then collect your Referee Dues.

Fall Assignments – We are still waiting on the Club schedules but we’ve received the Colleges. Assignments for those will be coming shortly, make sure your calendar is updated ASAP! Need help? See page 2 of the User Guide.

Not Contacted by Home Team – If you are NOT contacted by the home team the week of your match, DO NOT GO TO THE MATCH. Feel free to email the team and CC me if you haven’t heard from them by Wed and I will send them a formal notice.

Match Reports –

  1. Comments under Match Protocol – You can now add comments about their field barriers, etc. Maybe they had rope but they weren’t in-goal to in-goal. Make a note of it there and we will handle talking to the team.
  2. Team Conduct – Per a suggestion from the TRU Disciplinary Committee we added this field. It’s a quick rating of how the team did during the match. Please be honest.

Questions? Let Butch, Scott or Wendy know!