Fall Season!

11816988_10206222337289691_8374140377960767887_nWe are looking forward to an exciting Fall Season. With over 150 matches scheduled we wanted to send out a few reminders:

As per World Rugby’s Focus Areas leading to the 2015 World Cup, the following should be applied:

  1. Tackle/Ruck/Maul:
    1. Players must wrap with arms when entering/joining
    2. Nothing around the neck area: grabbing, choking, etc. – this is serious and the player runs the risk of a Yellow/Red Card
  2.  Tackle:
    1. Unacceptable tackler rolling:
    2. Into the opposition scrum half
    3. Slowly
    4. No arriving players may have their hands on the ground over/beyond the ball to protect/turn over possession
  3. Obstruction Running:
    1. If the dummy runner runs in front of the ball/ball carrier and makes contact with a defender: PK
    2. If a dummy runner runs in front of the ball/ball carrier and does not interfere with defenders, play on
    3. If defenders deliberately initiate unnecessary contact, play on
  4. Unsportsmanlike Behavior:
    1. Coaches/Players abusing match officials will not be accepted – Coaches see GMG 2015 regarding referee abuse
    2. Unsportsmanlike behavior: Players acting/diving to gain PK’s will be sanctioned

Please review the USA Rugby Referees’ Focus Areas Video: