Notice to all TRU Member Clubs – Important

Please note that there have been several important documents added to the TRU webpage.

1. TRU Participation Agreement
2. TRU Operating Procedures
3. TRU 2010 Field Policy

All of the above documents are linked on the site under “Administration” tab. All clubs are required to read, understand and abide by these updates until further notice. Any questions of the items contained within shall be brought to the Club’s respective Union Director (Babineaux, Schmidtke, Wagner, Marshall or Wolfinger)

The TRU Participation Agreement is a REQUIRED document for each Club. The deadline for a signed acknowledgement form will be extended to Sunday, October 31st. These forms can be emailed to: or mailed to P.O. Box 980405, Houston, TX 77098.

The TRU Operating Procedures have been cleaned up and updated since their last official publication in 2000. Most of the document is largely the same as we have been operating under in recent years. A key point to note is that ALL clubs are REQUIRED to exchange proper forms and perfom ID checks in all League and/or Playoff matches. This is non-negotiable and can not be waived by the Coaches/Captains. The document still has some minor revision to be made but are more cosmetic in nature and any material changes will be posted via the web per normal.

The 2010 Field Policy is an extension of the prior policy that was tested over the last 18 months. The requirements are clearly laid out and are required for ALL MATCHES. Repeated safety issues and Referee abuses have mandated that we take a more proactive approach to the way play the game and due our due diligence in protecting the participants. Exceptions to the policy must be pre-approved by the Union. Please be sure that your field preperation teams and Coaches understand the requirements contained within.

Thank you for your prompt attention in getting the Participation Agreement signed, completed and returned and please be sure to communicate these requirements to your Club Officers, Coaches, Management and Players accordingly.


Texas Rugby Union Board of Directors