Reminder on Field Policies, Coaches & Teams

As a reminder, the Field Policies are to be followed for every match in the TRU or that is serviced by a TRRA referee. There has been a slight upturn in coaches in the field of play during a match and teams not lining up properly on the sidelines.

Coaches During the Match

Coaches are NOT permitted to enter the playing area during a match except by invitation of the referee at half time, or other extraordinary occasions. [Ref: Law 6.A.5.f}. This policy applies to ALL matches, including youth matches. Water carriers and medical personnel may enter the playing area by prior arrangement, or at the specific invitation of the referee. Referees are urged to be vigilant in applying this law to coaches masquerading as water carriers or trainers or to coaches entering the playing area uninvited at stoppages for injury, conversion kicks, and the like, and to enlist the aid of the relevant captain in curbing such infringements.

Team Locations During Match


  • Players & Club Members of BOTH teams on opposite side of spectators;
  • Teams are separated at 50m;
  • Teams to remain on their respective sides of the 50m;
  • No one inside 22m lines.


  • Players & Club Members on opposite sidelines;
  • One Coach/Rep inside ropes between 22m lines;
  • No one inside 22m lines.

Should a Club have a specific question as it relates to their home pitch and their ability to comply with the TRU’s policies; the Club can discuss and determine proper field protocols with the TRU Board.

It has been found that close proximity of the spectators to the reserves & coaches fosters problems beyond safety. Separating the spectators from the coach(es) and reserves allows the spectators to enjoy the match without the input from the participants. Additionally, it allows the Match Official (Referee) to keep better control of the sidelines.

Referee Abuse – Zero Tolerance

article-2055133-0024C4A000000258-525_472x410All CIPP’d TRU member should have received an email from the TRU President, Kirk in regards to Referee Abuse. To make it clear, the TRU & TRRA has a zero policy stance on issues of referees abuse. We need to take a step forward, as we grow the game in the USA, to ensure that we stand together and work together and are respectful to each other.

We are all passionate about the game and at times we are emotional, but we have a responsibility to the game and each other to be respectful and control our behavior.

As a reminder the TRRA follows the USA Rugby Disciplinary Procedures and the recommended sanctions from the World Rugby Regulation 17 – Foul Play Sanctions. Note the sanctions for referee abuse:

Law No Description Entry Point Based on Scale of Seriousness of the Player’s conduct, which constitutes the offending –Lower End (LE).

Mid Range (MR).

Top End (TE).

Maximum Sanction
10.4(s)10.4(m) Verbal abuse of Match Officials LE – 6 weeksMR – 12 weeks

TE – 18+ weeks

52 weeks
10.4(s)10.4(m) Threatening Actions or Words at Match Officials LE – 12 weeksMR – 24 weeks

TE – 48+ weeks

260 weeks
10.4(s)10.4(m) Physical Abuse of Match Officials LE – 24 weeksMR – 48 weeks

TE – 96+ weeks


*The above table is as of January 14, 2015.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to TRRA leadership.

Level 1 Referee Course – Apr 18, 2015 @ Richardson, TX

1176276_504162323006596_207390337_nIn conjunction with the SWWC 7s Tournament we are hosting a Level 1 Referee Course. We are looking forward to grooming a team of new referees to take their place on Local, National and Olympic stages.

We urge players, administrators, coaches, parents, spectators, and fans to consider giving back to the game by becoming a rugby referee. It is an incredibly rewarding experience and you have the best seat in the house! Also once you become a registered referee you are eligible for Kit, Match Fees and Mileage!


Eligibility: This is the entry or introductory level course to rugby refereeing. Read below for course registration, participants must register for certification and material.

Cost: $60

Where: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop [MAP]
561 W. Campbell Road
Richardson, 75080

Certification: Current USA Rugby membership, including registration as a referee, attend and participate in all course modules, pass online law exam and rugby ready exam prior to course, and complete short safety quiz administered at course site.

Description: The purpose of this introductory course is to enable officials to acquire basic skills to officiate safe, enjoyable competition. Course certification is required for anyone who wishes to referee any match that could potentially lead to a National Championship.

The course focuses on: Game knowledge, Role of the referee, Planning, Advantage, Touch, Principles of rugby, Positioning, Referee preparation, Open play, Lineout, Principles of refereeing, Communication, Technical, Contact, Foul play, Management, Risk management, Starting & restarting the game, Scrum, and how to have fun as a rugby referee.

Course Registration, Cost and CIPP: The cost is $60.00. Registration can be accomplished on-line. AFTER REGISTERING, PLEASE FORWARD THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL TO THE COURSE EDUCATOR

Items needed to attend the course (click on the links below):


World Rugby Law Clarifications 2015 – Law 5

World RugbyWorld Rugby has issued the first clarification of 2015.  It addresses questions of time at the end of a half or a game and is attached.  Please distribute to all:

  • Referees and Referee Organizations in your area
  • GRUs, College Conferences and State Youth Rugby Organizations

150224 CL Law Clarification 1 2015 [PDF]

Best Regards,

Peter Watson
Chair, Law Committee

Spring Fitness – TRRA

The spring is here and it’s time for fitness testing again! Fitness standards have been in place for a year now, but please feel free to review. RATO feels that this allows for a more realistic pathway and holds the referee accountable for their development and fitness.

As a reference the TRRA Fitness standards were based on the current USA Rugby Fitness Standards [Beep Test]:

National Panel: Level 12
B Panel refs wanting to be considered for USA National Appts: Level 11
C1′s wanting to be considered for national appointments/B Panel: Level 10

TRRA Fitness Standards [Beep Test]:
C1s wishing to pursue USA B Panel – Achieve a minimum of Level 10
C1 – Level 9
C2 – Level 8
C3 – Level 7

NOTE: Here is the beep test audio or you can download the “Beep Test Trainer” App and it can be downloaded from iTunes here.

If a referee chooses not to take a fitness test (i.e. comply with a requirement for refereeing) then they may only receive matches well within their scope of experience related to their grade. They would also not be afforded any further opportunities for advancement/promotion and unavailable for exchanges.

Spring testing is due by Feb 15th, once completed send your results to

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the TRRA Chair or TRRA Vice Chair with any questions.

For information about nutritional supplements for rugby referees to use during the fitness testing, please contact Tim Howard @RuckScience who will be able to provide further guidance.

Game Management Guidelines Released for 2015


Please review the newly released Game Management Guidelines from USA Rugby for 2015:

The guidelines enable players and referees to have a clearer approach to the game and to be more consistent in Law application throughout the country, while also reflecting directives from World Rugby. The guidelines are to be distributed and applied nationally to all referees, referee performance reviewers, referee coaches, players/teams, coaches, and administrators for 2015.

Additionally, the first Sevens Game Management Guidelines have been introduced. They have been reviewed by World Rugby and given the green light.

Questions regarding the guidelines should be directed to USA Rugby High Performance Referee Manager Richard Every at

Get additional resources at the TRRA Resources page or on the USA Rugby Referee Resources page.

Scott Green to Officiate Mexico vs Columbia – International Rugby Match

Scott Green | Texas Rugby Referee AssociationWe are incredibly proud to announce that Scott Green has received his first IRB appointment! He will officiate the Test Match between Mexico and Colombia on Saturday December 13th, in Mexico City, Mexico.

The match is part of the start of the 2014 season – 2015 Mexican National Rugby in preparation for their upcoming commitments in the 2015 tournament where NACRA 15s will be looking for the regional championship after winning promotion to the top division undefeated.

Please join us in congratulating Scott and wish him many more appointments!

World Rugby Law Clarifications 2014 – 7, 8 and 9

Dear Regional and Local Referee Leaders,

Three Clarifications are attached:

# 7 addresses a player at the back of a scrum picking up the ball with their feet and “bunny hopping” – ILLEGAL.

# 8 addresses a drop out that goes all the way to the opponent’s in-goal area and asks if there are Variations in 7s similar to those for the kickoff – NO THERE ARE NOT.

# 9 asks about an attempted drop goal after a scrum that was chosen in lieu of a free kick (and then goes through the in-goal area) – TREAT AS A KICK IN GENERAL PLAY AND OFFER OPTIONS

There is really nothing surprising in any of them, but please circulate to the societies and referees in your area, as well as the Unions, conferences and teams.

All the best,

Peter Watson
Chair, Law Committee

Level 2 Referee Officiating Course – Dec 6, 2014 – Addison, TX

Level 2 Officiating Course - Texas Rugby Referee Association

L2 Referee Officiating Course (2 day Course) – Dec 6, 2014 in Addison, TX


Cost: $100
Facility: 4540 Beltway Drive, Addison, TX 75001
Approximate delivery time: 16 hours; 2 DAY COURSE
Clinic Contact: Stephen Parrill or 985-345-4389
Entry Deadline: 12/4/2014 by 5:30 PM
Max. Registrations: 15
TRRA Major Sponsor: Ruck Science


Prerequisites: Current USA Rugby membership, including registration as a referee; Level 1 Officiating course certification or equivalent and one full season of refereeing.

Requirements for Certification: Attend and participate in all course modules.

Requirements for Accreditation: Attend and participate in all course modules, achieve satisfactory practical assessment (excellent or competent), pass IRB law exam (can be taken prior to the course), submit a 12-event officiating diary covering matches and training sessions and complete IRB Rugby Ready certification (can be completed prior to the course).

Description: The purpose of this course is to enable officials to develop further the skills acquired in the introductory course so as to officiate safe, enjoyable competition.  Course accreditation is one requirement for promotion to the Territorial Panel.

Course Focus:

  • Principles of attack & defense
  • Communication
  • Risk management
  • Foul play
  • Tackle
  • Key factor analysis of unit skills
  • Referee support
  • Consistent application
  • Open Play
  • Ruck
  • The representative game in your country
  • Fitness basics
  • Touch judging
  • Scrum
  • Maul
  • Refereeing principles
  • Responsibility & commitment
  • Advantage
  • Lineout